Friday, May 29, 2015

Two Five Star Reviews of my new Magical book
"Magical Mea Goes to School"

By Connie Arnold on May 29, 2015
Following her previous Magical Mea and Magical Matthew books about a sister and brother who have magical powers to fix things that are broken, Penelope Cole's new book provides more entertainment and a fun story. Mea has learned that she has the magical ability which her brother Matthew had, and he wants to help her learn how to use it for good and not be seen using it. Mea wants to play and have fun doing other thing, and she doesn't want to make time for Matthew 's lessons. Mea's brother, his friend Lily, and their grandmother realize that Mea has a tendency to play tricks and has been into trouble in the past. They all hope to help her learn to do the right thing. Kevin Collier has provided the vibrant and exciting illustrations which really enhance the characters and this magical story. 
“In Magical Mea Goes to School, we visit some old friends. Mea’s brother Matt, friend Lily and Grandma Nonie want to make sure Mea doesn’t get in trouble with her magic again, but they soon learn that pressuring someone—even to do good—can backfire. Penelope Anne Cole teaches a valuable lesson about trust and good intentions in an enjoyable, amusing way. Fans of the series will enjoy seeing Mea grow up with admirable role models in her family and friends. As usual in this series, the illustrations really bring the text alive.” ~Karen Wiesner, author of Keri is Cute Cute Cute and I Can Touch the Sky
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