Sunday, January 3, 2016

Two 5-Star Reviews for 
What's for Dinner?
on December 25, 2015
What’s for Dinner?
by Penelope Ann Cole

Penelope Cole’s children’s book “What’s for Dinner?” takes a common childhood fear about new foods and foreign cultures, and turns it into an entertaining teaching lesson. Rather than fearing the foods and traditions of a different culture, the characters in this charming story learn to respect the unfamiliar by making new friends. As an added bonus, the author gives readers several unique recipes, along with a map of the African county where the recipes originated. This is a great educational book for children who are afraid to venture out and try new foods.
Julie Bowman
on December 22, 2015
Katy is faced with a decision to make when she is invited by her friend from Nigeria to come to her house for dinner. After talking to her friends about what foods people in Nigeia might eat, she is very concerned about the possible different and "weird" foods they might serve. When Katy's mother serves a new dish, she decides to taste it and likes it. Katy decided that is what she would do with the Nigerian food. This is a good story for children to learn about other cultures and acceptance. The colorful illustrations complement the story well.
What's for Dinner? Penelope Anne Cole, Samantha Bell, diversity, food choices, cooking, sharing, family, friends

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