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Here are excerpts from reviews for my new Ten Little Tricksters
By Donna M. McDine on August 19, 2014Penelope Anne Cole creates a grand storytelling trick or treating adventure to entrance the reader in learning how to count backwards. The alluring illustrations created by Kevin Scott Collier, brings Halloween to an all-new level of fun.

Cute, Cute Halloween Book For Young Children  
By Amazon Customer on August 28, 2014
What a cute, cute Halloween book, Ten Little Tricksters, which you can do so much with for preschool/Kindergarten children. First, it's about Halloween and trick-or-treating, so you can share it at this time of year. Second, it counts down from 10 to 1, starting with "Ten Little Ghosts out on Halloween" and ending with "One Little Pumpkin out on Halloween." 

 Fun counting book for Halloween!, August 30, 2014
Amazon Customer "Multi-genre author and revie... (Brussels, Belgium)
 What a fun picture book for Halloween! Delightfully illustrated by award-winning artist Kevin Collier, Ten Little Tricksters is a simple concept book for young children who are learning to count. With the help of various colorful Halloween critters, young minds will enjoy pointing and singing along the rhymes and repetitions in a descending order from ten to one.
 Fun for Little Tykes 
By Susan Hornbach on August 22, 2014
 Little tykes learn to count with each passing page as verse in rhyme holds their attention. Ten Little Tricksters written by Penelope Anne Cole and illustrated by Kevin Collier is a fun and educational book for toddlers and those children who are just learning to read. A lovely book for small children.

 Counting Down, August 26, 2014
Janet Ann Collins "Writer and Speaker"
 Ten Little Tricksters is a standard counting story with a different number of kids - or spooks - in costumes on each page. It's not really scary, but captures the fun of trick or treating so kids will love this book.

 A lively way to count, August 26, 2014

Barbara Bockman 
 Here's an enthusiastic book to match the enthusiasm of your child. Kids love to learn, and counting is one of the first fun things they learn to do. Penelope Anne Cole's counting book for children 4-7 (or younger), Ten Little Tricksters, will soon become one of your child's favorite books. An added trick here is that the book is a backward counting book. 

 An Adorable Book!, August 21, 2014
Mary Esparza-Vela 
 This book is adorable and cute, cute, cute! It has catchy rhymes, amusing characters, and funny situations that will make kids laugh out loud. I found myself smiling and laughing with each page. It is easy to read and the rhymes are catchy. They are so catchy that kids will quickly memorize them.