Thursday, July 28, 2016

on July 12, 2016

What’s for Dinner by Penelope Anne Cole presents children with an education on a wide variety of diets, and a wide variety of cultures—all in a fun story about children that students can relate to directly. Katy’s been invited to dinner at a Nigerian friend’s house, and she’s worried they may serve something strange that she will not like. Katy decides she will try what is served, after discovering a new delicious dish in her own home! She is pleasantly surprised with what is served at her friend Amaeka’s home!

Not only does this story present a variety of different dishes from various countries around the world, children also learn a little something about different cultures, too. Katy’s friends are diverse, inclusive, and as a group, they are very aware of different cultures. I particularly enjoyed the game Katy and her friends play taking turns identifying countries by what people there eat, and other fun facts (like “Where do the women wear komonos and they eat raw fish with rice and seaweed?” “Japan,” said Katy).

The colourful and detailed illustrations by Samantha S. Bell make the food look tempting and the children engaging! Teachers and their students will love this celebration of diversity—in food and characters!

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