Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Literary Classics Gold Medal for "In and Out, All 'Round About - Opposite Friends"

 In and Out, All 'Round About - Opposite Friends
Received a 2017 
Literary Classics Gold Medal for Rhyming

I'm so pleased the my picture book, "In and Out, All 'Round About - Opposite Friends," won a Literary Classics Seal of Approval and went on to win a Gold Medal in the Special Interest Category of Rhyming books. Here is the Literary Classics Review:

In and Out All ‘Round About - Opposite Friends, by Penelope Anne Cole, is a children’s rhyming picture book.  With an overall message of friendship that ring true and above all else, acceptance of one another, this is a great read-aloud book for children.  Young audiences will love the rhyming cadence along with the colorful illustrations.  This book is sure to be a great tool for creating dialogue and helping youngsters contemplate the importance of embracing those characteristics and qualities which make us unique.  Vibrant and expressive illustrations by Agy Wilson are an excellent addition to this book which has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

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